Chimney Lounge

Chimney Lounge is an open public space, here you can enjoy the warmth of the fire in the chimney during the winter season, or during the summer, just relax and escape the heat. Roofed with a slate stone tiles, and the interior done with a concept of making this space a place to relax, read or just chat. The lounge is seated with comfortable sofa's, with magazines for you to indulge your time, the wooden Beam Pillars with lantern lamps, and cozy atmosphere creates this space a different place within the lodge. The lounge also serves drinks from its small bar section, the bar section is operated on certain time of the day, please check with the lodge.

The Lodge

"Chhahari is the perfect and point to a great trek. The service, food, and setting are spectacular. I didn’t know how it could be better. " - Don Tibrew, USA